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NMN-C® 125mg capsules for better immunity. Elevant Prime helps you improve your immunity and sustain overall health by boosting your NAD+ level on a daily basis. It targets cellular repair to reduce risks of metabolic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular dysfunctions giving your cells the energy they need to function and fight back infections.

Take two capsules per day, with or without food.

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$856.50 USD $685.18 USD


$856.50 USD $685.18 USD

What to expect taking Elevant Prime

Week 0 - 2

NMN-C® immediately recharges your cellular energy. Most people feel a boost in energy after just a few days.

Week 2 - 4

NAD+ levels reach a plateau, cells' energy is improved throughout the body. Your brain and muscles perform better, and you feel less tired and more energized.

Week 4+

Your NAD+ cell metabolism is optimized to fight infection and inflammation. You must keep taking Elevant to maintain your NAD+ levels all year long.

Trusted by experts

President Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Eric Verdin, PhD

"NMN-C®, compared to other NMN in the market, is fully synthetic so more pure and efficient at raising NAD+ levels"

Chief scientist, Seneque lab

Alessia Grozio, Ph.D

"NMN is vital for cells health as the last biochemical step before NAD+, which is a crucial molecule in cells metabolism"

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